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Olmeda Law PLLC

Maria I. Olmeda Attorney & Mediator

Maria I. Olmeda Attorney & Mediator

Maria I. Olmeda Attorney & Mediator Maria I. Olmeda Attorney & Mediator Maria I. Olmeda Attorney & Mediator

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Olmeda Law PLLC

Legal consultation by phone and videoconference now available

Mediation Services

Mediation Services

Mediation Services

Providing civil and family mediation services in Houston Texas.

We will work with all parties to interpret the concerns, relay information, frame the problem, and help find common resolution through an efficient and structured process. 

Civil Mediation Experience in: Small Claims, Natural Resources, Commercial, Contracts, Engineering, Government, Foreclosure and Landlord/Tenant matters.

Family Mediation Experience in: Custody Agreements, Child Support, Community Property

Videoconferencing Mediations now available!

Mediaciones en Espanol por Videoconferencing Disponibles 


Who are we?

Mediation Services

Mediation Services

We are here to help, not to judge.  We will tell you exactly what to do to get the best possible outcome.  

As a lawyer, we are focused on personal attention, tailored to you needs, detail oriented and flexible.

As a mediator, we will ensure that all parties reach a mutually acceptable outcome.

Flexible hours and weekend consultations available upon request.

Servicios legales en Ingles y Espanol  

Mediation, Immigration, Business and Others

Legal Services

Mediation Services

Legal Services

We provide legal solutions in the Houston Metro Area, including Harris, Montgomery, Fort Bend and Galveston Counties.

Business Formation

Contract Preparation, Negotiation and Review

Contract Performance Disputes

Purchase/Lease/Loan Agreements

Collection Matters


Property Tax Matters

Landlord/Tenant Disputes

HOA Disputes

Traffic Violations

Medical Power of Attorney

Timeshare Agreements 

Now providing phone and Zoom video conferencing consultations!


Our knowledge of international legal, regulatory and policy issues allows us to provide our clients with strategic advice and effective/efficient immigration solutions.

We will assist you with:

  • Family-based immigration 
  • Fiancee visas
  • Immigrant visas
  • Asylum 
  • Non-immigrant visas
  • Detention & Deportation Proceedings

Servicios Legales en Español

Bilingual Attorney near me

Mediacion de Familia/Civil

Asuntos Legales relacionados a:

Asuntos Legales relacionados a:

Ofrecemos mediacion familiar sobre acuerdos de custodia y division de bienes.

Ofrecemos mediacion civil relacionadas con servicios profesionales, venta comercial, ingeniería, seguros, evicciones y todo tipo de reclamaciones

Ahora ofreciendo mediaciones por video conferencia!

Abogado Bilingue Espanol Houston Texas

Asuntos Legales relacionados a:

Asuntos Legales relacionados a:

Asuntos Legales relacionados a:

Formacion de Contratos, Revision de Contratos  y Disputas Contractuales

Formacion de empresas (LLP, PLLC, Corp)

Certificacion de Pequenos Negocios (MWBE)

Violaciones de Trafico

Poderes Notariales

Poderes Medicos


Documentos legales requeridos en Puerto Rico y en Texas

Consulta legal por telefono y videoconferencia


Asuntos Legales relacionados a:


Inmigracion basada en lazo familiar

Visas de novio/novia

Visado de inmigrante



Representacion en casos de deportacion

Know your lawyer

Maria I. Olmeda, P.E., Esq.

Maria Isabel Olmeda earned a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Puerto Rico, a Master in Business Administration from the University of Southern Mississippi and a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Puerto Rico.   She is a standing member of the State Bar of Texas and is currently admitted to the Southern District Federal Court of Texas.  She is also a registered Professional Engineer (P.E.).  

Maria's law practice is focused on mediation and business law.  She brings experience, honesty and understanding as she helps you navigate through the process.

Maria also has a broad understanding of the state, local and municipal business laws and regulations. In the public sector, she has provided both legal guidance and hands-on expertise  in the development of inter-departmental agreements, service contracts and request for proposals.  Her experience in drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts has resulted in lower overall costs and avoidance of litigation. 


Maria's experience in the private sector is based on a solutions focused approach.  She has performed legal research, analyses and drafted pleadings in bankruptcy cases submitted in the Southern District Federal Court of Texas. As a professional engineer, she provided consulting expertise in the application of state and municipal construction and conditional use permits. She led several Operations, Quality/Six Sigma and Human Resource positions in Mississippi, Delaware and Puerto Rico with sharp business acumen and proven results. 

Maria is passionate about getting results.  She focuses on creating effective client relationships  where she can leverage her knowledge and skills. She is fully bilingual attorney, exceptionally disciplined and organized with high standards for values, ethics and compliance. 

Attorney Maria I. Olmeda

Attorney Maria I. Olmeda 

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